Thinking about if you should outsource app development?

If you’re someone who is working on their one dream project, you probably have a lot on your mind. The product, its logistics, app development, marketing, funding and of course the big picture. With so much to focus on, it’s hard to stay on track with the day to day progress and outsourcing bits of it might have crossed your mind. The biggest of these questions might be ‘Should I outsource my app development?’. Globally in 2016, 72% of IT tasks were outsourced which is a nod in the direction. So, let’s dive in and see if and how you should outsource app development.

Why should I outsource my app development?

When you outsource, you’re working exclusively with a team of experts who deal with all forms of design and innovation in the field every day. They bring in a lot of insight and problem-solving knowledge and any bugs or issues encountered can often be resolved within their own networks versus an in-house team that might need external help.

Savings on Time and Work

An in-house team would really be working on more than just app development. These things can include day to day tasks, website maintenance and such which may sidetrack the app development or vice versa. If you outsource the app development, the internal team can focus on their task and the outsourced team can work with their guidance to create an app that meets their benchmarks.

Additional Innovation and Efficiency

Any specific new requirements that may pop up during the app building process may need expertise that the in-house team might not have. In these cases, you may have to figure out new hirings or a freelancer who can work with you and deliver the app at an added cost. With an outsourced team, they would map out the scope and be able to accommodate such requests within their own team at a lesser or no cost. This makes the process faster and more economical.

Quickly Start Building

With an outsourced team, they already have streamlined processes in place and can start working on multiple things simultaneously according to a deadline. For instance, if your deadline is 36 weeks, a 6 person dedicated outsourced team can finish the hefty task in the tight deadline. Whereas for an in-house team, there might not be enough work for 6 persons on the day to day, so hiring them full time won’t be feasible but for your IT team, a 36-week deadline along with their regular tasks might be improbable.

Get end-to-end services

With an outsourced agency or freelancers, there’s usually a network of experts that they work with who can offer a variety of expertise that you’ll need along the way. The UX research & framework, UI design, content writing, coding & development and even updates and maintenance and more is something outsourcing can easily take care of. Whether you work with an agency that offers end-to-end solutions or a freelancer who can tap into their network for you, outsourcing can take care of a lot of logistics and save time & effort on your behalf.

How to outsource app development?

Outsource to Freelancers

They can be hired to work in tandem with the in-house team as an additional working hand or to bring in another expert perspective while working with a Software Development Agency.

Software Development Agency

They can offer end-to-end solutions with application development outsourcing and sometimes also collaborate with industry experts freelancers to create the best possible product for you.

Zero in on the goal of the app, the features & logistics involved and your timeline for the launch of the product. If you have any brand guidelines, you should add those together for a linear direction in terms of design and ethos. Together they will help you create a detailed brief of your requirements. Keep your budget in mind and get together possible resources and see which outsourcing options seem to be the most feasible for you. End-to-end solutions like at Valere can make the process much faster & smoother for you. If the cost is something that you are unsure about, our App Development Cost Calculator can help you budget for the same. In addition to app development, with Valere Assistance, you can also leave the day-to-day tasks like Data Management, Customer Support, Administration, Graphic Design & Marketing & Social Media to us! With these tasks in line, you can focus on the bigger picture and on how to grow. In case, there’s more that you wish to learn about app development, feel free to read more of our blogs.

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